Beginner Pilates Class

This class is for clients who are completely new to Pilates and wish to ad a gentle, progressive exercise regime that will help build up the inner, and outer strength of the body. You'll  familiarize yourself with the reformer, cadillac, chair and perform beginner level, basic exercises that will safely aid you back into the groove of movement. In about 5 sessions in this class you'll feel confident and strong enough to try other classes as well!

Athletic Reformer Class
This 55 minutes class is filled with exercises that pumps the heart and soul, rejuvenates the body and builds endurance, strength through repetition.

Reformer All-Levels
This class is designed for everyone from beginner to advanced level Pilates enthusiast who wish to have a complete, full-body workout within 55 minutes while focusing on proper form and following the original 6 Pilates Principles.

Glutes+Core Class
During this 55 minutes class you will use all apparatus; the chair, reformer, tower, or props to maximize gaining strength while all parts of your beautiful body. Tailored to anyone from beginners to advanced level Pilates enthusiasts!

Reformer Restorative Flow
This class is perfect for focusing on gently strengthening and rehabilitating your body due to a previous injury. This group class is an excellent step for a complete novice but also highly beneficial for any very experienced Pilates-lover!

All Core-Crunch
Its name says it all. You have a chance to build and maintain your steel abdominal muscles within weeks if you attend this class. Why is this important? Building deeper muscle strength allows your limbs to move more freely and makes you more stable. This class is open to all levels.

Easy Reformer Flow
This class is excellent for all who are either novice or just want to move their body more gently. Meet all your Pilates expectations with a primary focus on proper alignment using fundamental exercises.

Circuit Workout
This class is uses a combination o the various apparatuses; reformer, barrel, chair, cadillac and several props to make the Pilates experience more profound and sweaty. You’ll be so glad you attended!

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