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Our sessions are taught by highly trained and experienced Pilates instructors whose certifications stand behind high quality standards, passion and motivation. We thrive to help you reach your individual goals, even when you attend our group classes. No matter what type of session you’ll choose, our mission is to help you become more confident knowing that your physical and even mental health benefits each and every time you join us. Pilates is a complete holistic movement system that is one of the most beneficial gift, not only to your physical body but also to all aspects of your life. Whether you wish to rehabilitate your body, lose weight, tone your body, enhance endurance, be more mobile, escape from the every-day stress and hustle, or, feel stronger than ever before, we are here to help you achieve that.

Prana is a Sanskrit word, simply means “breath”, the life-giving force that we built our exercises upon. Because of this, you will feel your life-force energy amplified, your mood elevated and your body and mind stronger inside and out after each session. When you fully commit to your wellness, you will never look back again. Give your body and yourself this chance.

If you are new to Prana Pilates and Wellness Center PLEASE CALL 503.765.8822 or email pranapilatespdx@gmail.com to schedule your FREE 30-minute consultation and session, during which we discuss your goals and set up a personalized plan to reach this goal as well as to help you choose the group class according to your level.

If you have never taken Pilates on equipment before or it has been years since the last one, we suggest you try a few private sessions first, prior joining a group class, however, this is optional. If you'd like to jump right into the Group classes we suggest you start with the Green or Yellow-colored classes that are called the "Beginner Pilates (The Basics)", the "Reformer Restorative Flow", "Easy Reformer Flow" and the "Reformer All Level" Classes. 


CALL 503.765.8822


email pranapilatespdx@gmail.com

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