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Our "Prana" retreat is a silent retreat to help you get away from the sounds of everyday life so that you can quiet your mind.  This retreat will take you on a silent exploration in the wilderness and into the self.   It is important that you periodically remove yourself from your computer, your television, and your cell phone and take some time to get to know yourself again. In those quiet moments alone your spirit shines and your heart soars.  This overnight retreat also includes a mental and physical detox program to help you gain the most out of your time away from the city.


- able to eat light raw or vegetarian meals

- able to camp out for long periods of time

- prepare sleeping equipment - or sleep on the ground.

- be comfortable with the solitude

- be able to keep silent for two days

- be without writing materials, books, cell phones or any --distractions from the outside world.

By not speaking during the retreat and using only silent communications, one is able to push aside the ego and remove the mind chatter that occurs from judging the self and others. We will be practicing silent awareness and tranquil meditation to gain clarity and peace of mind and bring this back with us to our everyday life. The greatest men and women of all ages have practiced it regularly. They learned how to use silence to still their minds and tap into their superconscious powers for answers to life's biggest questions.  People who practice it on a regular basis are amazed at the transformation it makes in their lives.

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