Beth Marquis, Certified Pilates Instructor & Owner

photo of Beth Marquis

“As a Pilates Instructor, my focus is to guide and cheer students toward their fitness goals – be it to better their bodies, relieve stress or reduce chronic pain. My day is a success when an exercise becomes a healthy habit that my student can rely on for improved everyday living.”

Beth has studied Pilates since 2009. An active lifestyle has always been a priority for her. Nursing chronic shoulder pain and short on doctor approved physical therapy sessions, she turned to Pilates. After a few classes she realized the exercises were similar to her PT homework. The difference was, it was fun! She saw that aside from learning to retain poor muscle movement patterns, it was fabulous for toning, strengthening, building better posture, and it included a mind-body connection similar to yoga. This beautiful movement system became her passion and soon received her certification through PEAK Pilates.  As an instructor, Beth combines fundamental techniques with both mat and equipment session for beginner to experienced students. In her teaching, she is committed to partnering with students to reach the results they are seeking.

Angie Fisher

A Certified STOTT PILATES instructor, Angie Fisher began her personal Pilates practice 6 years ago.  Being a life-long athlete, rock climber and aerial silks practitioner she has always had keen body awareness. Studying Pilates, she quickly became a convert and is eager to share her knowledge with everyone.

A firm believer in the mind-body connection Angie infuses her teaching with humor, enthusiasm and a passion to help others achieve proper alignment and functional movement as well as whole body fitness. Her motto is “Use your muscles, not your momentum!”

Join Angie for her dynamic group classes or for private sessions where she can personally address your injuries, postural imbalances, or overall fitness with an emphasis on the long and lean lines of a dancer.

Fruzsina Varga

Fruzsina became a professional equestrian and started to search for ways to improve posture including strengthening exercises that benefit the rider. This led her to dive into the world of fitness and becoming a personal trainer. She has had success as a dancer performing in music videos as well as teaching choreography for a variety of dance groups. Originally from Hungary, she arrived in the US at the age of 22 to pursue her dreams. She was led into the benefits of Pilates after a major car accident that followed many months of therapeutic Pilates sessions. After her recovery she completed the Body Arts and Science comprehensive Pilates teacher training taught by Rael Isacowitz. She teaches "knowing with certainty from first-hand experience" that it can strengthen and help heal one's physical body in ways no other physical movement is capable of doing. She has worked with numerous Physical Therapists and doctors through the years and mastered helping countless individuals rehabilitate specific injuries with the help of Pilates.  Along with being a Pilates Instructor Fruzsina is also a Jikiden Reiki Master, Nutritional Therapist as well as an avid holistic health educator who passionately teaches meditation, stress management and ESP classes to help rapidly release and dissolve emotional and physical pain of those in need.

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