Silva Ultra Mind ESP Workshop

Beginners Meditation
It is important that you periodically remove yourself from your computer, your television, and your cell phone and take some time to meditate and gain clarity and peace of mind.


Max Meditation™

A simple yet profound meditation system developed to truly train your body and mind to meditate deeply!

Max Meditation™ combines Neuro Linguistic Patterning, Psychology, and Yoga teachings to help you to strengthen your meditation practice. Whether you are new to meditation or a seasoned sitter, this practice is extremely beneficial. During this session, you will be guided through 5 phases of meditation to truly quiet your mind and relax your body. Although the components of this meditation seem simple, they were created and placed in a way to bring you ultimate peace and tranquility.

Join us bi-weekly (On every other Sunday) for this offering and watch your struggles with meditation disappear and your stress dissipate!


Benefits of a Meditation Practice:

-Reduced stress and tension

-Physical and emotional pain reduction

-Gain more control over your own thoughts

-Experience detachment from unwanted situations and people- LESS DRAMA

-Joy and peace of mind

-Increased concentration

-Spontaneity and creativity

-Discovering hidden gifts

-Builds self-confidence

-Relieves anxiety and depression

-Restful sleep

… and so much more!

Price: $10 or $15 for you and a friend!


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